Global Migration Group/The New School DREAM Team

In 2010, Global Studies students created the Global Migration Working Group under the mentorship of Global Studies Assistant Professor Alexandra Délano. In 2013, led by Global Studies major Cecilia Frescas, the group went on to form the New School DREAM Team, a group for undocumented students and allies to come together and discuss possibilities for changes, as well as foster a supportive environment at the New School.

In the past year, the DREAM Team has:
• Organized a well attended panel discussion with members from The NYU DREAM Team, The New York Immigration Coalition, Make the Road New York, and The New York State Youth Leadership Council to discuss the DREAM ACT, NYDA (NY DREAM ACT), DREAM Teams in College and elsewhere, and The Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
• Participated in immigration rallies and campaigns, including the April immigration rally in Washington, DC, and the New York campaign to introduce the New York DREAM Act.
• Participated in an Immigration Day of Awareness event organized by the University President’s Office.
• Been featured in an article in the New School Free Press (available online at

This is their page on facebook:

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